This can be word as medically tempted emesis. After suitable external and internal oblation of the body as well as fomentation particularly prepared decoction is given to the patient to swallow and emesis is induced. The process is to be done with extreme care and only under supervision. This process is designated in the healthy in the Vasant ritu (spring period) to avoid disease due to Kapha Dosha. Vaman is exceedingly valuable to treat sicknesses of the Respiratory system like Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis as well as other diseases like Hyperacidity also different skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema or Pemphigus.

Vaman is one of the five treatments of panchakarma in Ayurveda. Vaman means healing nausea which is a medicated emesis. This healing is done for the motivated kapha dosha, which extricated the toxins mostly from the respiratory as well as gastrointestinal zone. This therapy is also done for defensive & curative rationale. Ayurveda assumes that diverse seasons have a great influence in the provocation of doshas, Kapha in hemant (spiral period), pitta in Sharada(wintry weather period) as well as vata in greeshma(summers period).

Reason of Vamana treatment:
Vamana treatment is beleaguered to oust amplified Kapha Dosha absent of the body. When Kapha dosha gets enlarged, it origin different types of diseases – such as cold, cough etc. If the coverage of Kapha increase is less, then some oral medicines can be given to restrain it. But if it has increased to a large amount and if it has stimulated from its one place to other places, then it needs to be debarred out of the body. Well, Vamana healing is premeditated. To oust it out, first the Kapha Dosha needs to be strongly brought from the margins and special organs into the stomach, also then vomiting is persuaded.


  1. Vitiated Kapha dosha is expelled out of the body
  2. Treats gastric problems
  3. Enhances digestion and metabolism
  4. Boosts immunity
  5. Beneficial in managing Asthma and Cough
  6. Flushes out toxins
  7. Slows down ageing
  8. Cleanses stomach
  9. Boosts skin health

The patient should avoid

Speaking aloud

Excess eating

Sitting at one place for long time

Walking long

Anger and grief

Exposure to sun, dew and stormy wind


Avoiding sleep

Sleeping during day time,

Foods with opposite qualities or junk food

Diet after treatment

Clear vegetable soup

Coconut water

Semi solid diet- daliya, khichadi

Lots of water

Not Advised For

below the age of 12 or else more than the age of 65, menstruation, pregnancy, pre-menstrual period emaciation, sensitive or delicate person with greater fear, anguish or anxiety, patients of hypoglycemia, vata diseases, cardiac diseases.