Udvartana like other massage therapy in the Ayurvedic tradition has specific health care purpose of seminal importance in regard to Ayurvedic Shodhana treatment processes like Panchakarma or for some specific chronic diseases associated with maladjustments of muscular, skeletal or other organic functions The word Udvartana in the traditional Indian linguistic source like the ancient Sanskrit text refers to massage with gradual increase of intensity. Rightly as per the definition the term signifies massage treatment with the use of herbs in a special way that would increase in intensity over the time of the therapy.

A warm herbal paste made with grains, herbs, and a small amount of herbal oil is vigorously massaged onto the body by two therapists helps to balance Kapha. It is also an excellent treatment to help dislodge toxins that are embedded in the tissues as part of detoxification therapy.

How Udvartana works?utvartana

Udvartana is an herbal massage with multiple therapeutic goals like offering relief from the toxins and providing relief to the muscular as well as skeletal disorders. An herbal paste is prepared and the massage recipient’s body is covered with it and then gently the massage rubs this paste onto the body pressing mainly toward the heart with a clinical objective of removing the stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body. The paste after covering the body is left to dry and the rubbing starts to penetrate deep into the skin. After the Udvartana main course of massage normally the whole body is anointed with a herbal oil and massaged again for some time. Normally the massage is given for about an hour or as per the Ayurvedic therapist and it is conducted daily basis for several days, normally for the duration f a week.

Health Benefits of Udvartana

Apart from the Ayurvedic Shodhana or purification for detoxification of various lymphatic lobes and channels there is a great array of health benefits of Ayurvedic treatment. First of all this herbal massage rejuvenates the skin, nervous function in different parts of the body and also blood circulation. Secondly for skeletal and muscular problems and pains this massage play extremely positive roles by giving what our bones and muscles need most, rejuvenation.