Potli massagepotli massage

potli massage is an age-old technique  instrumental in helping to reduce the pain that comes with illnesses such as osteoarthritis and spondylitis. This therapy is highly recommended for women once they cross their 30s  because  they have higher chances of facing bone-related concerns. Potli massage therapy is done using heated herbal pouches also known as potlis (or poultice) that are used to rejuvenate, relax and nourish the affected area. When these potlis are placed on the body, they have a therapeutic effect. Potli’s contain a selection of Ayurvedic herbs, both, fresh and dried, that are carefully chosen based on your Ayurvedic constitution and the issue that you’re being treated for.Potli massages work on an age-old philosophy which is based on the confluence of the elements of fire and water combined with specific herbs. When the heated potli is massaged on the body, it opens the pores and relaxes the muscles, allowing the carefully selected herbs to work on the body and mind, the latter being the reason why it is thought of as being very relaxing.



Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). Shirodhara is also effective in treating mental conditions such as anxiety, and mental stress. Herbalized sesame oil is the traditional oil used for Shirodhara. Other oils or liquids, such as coconut oil, olive oil, milk or even buttermilk, are sometimes used as well. Shirodhara has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, greying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo,




Abhyanga (“oil massage”) is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions. Abhyanga can be done as part of the steps of panchakarma therapy, especially in the first stage: Purva Karma (pre-treatment), or as its own therapy.

It is often followed by svedana therapy, a warm bath, yoga. Many times abhyanga is performed by two or more massage therapists working in sync but it can also be done by oneself. Oils used can vary depending on the season and the individuals constitution (prakrti) but commonly used oils include sesame, and coconut .

Tha Abhyanga as prescribed in the Brhtatrayi and Laghutrayi texts is vigorous, brisk, and generates heat. Through this process, the Abhyanga helps open up the minor Sortas, removes ama through the skin, melts kleshma (fat secretions blocking the srotas), and helps in deep cleansing and moisturisation of skin.




Udvartana like other massage therapy in the Ayurvedic tradition has specific health care purpose of seminal importance in regard to Ayurvedic Shodhana treatment processes like Panchakarma or for some specific chronic diseases associated with maladjustments of muscular, skeletal or other organic functions The word Udvartana in the traditional Indian linguistic source like the ancient Sanskrit text refers to massage with gradual increase of intensity. Rightly as per the definition the term signifies massage treatment with the use of herbs in a special way that would increase in intensity over the time of the therapy.

A warm herbal paste made with grains, herbs, and a small amount of herbal oil is vigorously massaged onto the body by two therapists helps to balance Kapha. It is also an excellent treatment to help dislodge toxins that are embedded in the tissues as part of detoxification therapy.




Takradhara is a special Ayurvedic treatment that uses medicated buttermilk.Takra means buttermilk and dhara is a stream. This is similar to Shirodhara but buttermilk is poured onto the forehead, instead of herbal oil. Takra dhara involves continuous flow of medicated butter milk to the centre of forehead continuously.

Buttermilk has cooling properties and induces the same effect on body and mind. Ithelps to relaxthe mind and reduce mental stress.Takradhara prevents greying of the hair, reduces headaches, increases digestive power and alleviates anorexia. It is also useful in insomnia, depression and other stress related ailments.