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Sanovide solution for corporate health problems

Key health problems faced by corporate employees in India are

  • Fast paced life- Work related problems like back stress, pain in eyes & neck etc.
  • Sedentary work style -At times, high stress aggravates health problems
  • Irregular eating habits- Limited time to take care of health problems

Sanovide offers tailor made solutions for employees in corporates

You will find our centres very effective and convenient for your needs (Wi-Fi enabled centres, comfortable environment)

Sanovide treatment approach

  • Easy and convenient- Effective email, phone, in office support.Option for early morning and late evening in centre treatments
  • Quick hits-Show early benefits to maintain interest.
  • Personalized solution-Everyone is unique so are our programs. Extensive individual sessions to take care of specific health concerns

Corporate partnership opportunities

  • Awareness Session
  1. Health Sessions-  Session run by experts (doctors, nutritionists)
  2. Health Dialogue- One–on–one consultation session
  • Partnering Solutions
  1. In campus solution- periodically spend time at your campus and provide total natural solutions for any health problems of your employees
  2. Off campus solution- We will offer attractive discounts to employees of your company
  3. Online/Tele solutions-excellent solutions via email, phone and sms

SANOVIDE has successfully organized more than ~25 health sessions in corporates and is currently in partnership with various corporates in Gurgaon and Delhi. Our programs have been found very useful by most of our partner corporates!!!

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