Four Reasons why to join us

  • Specially designed for people of Indian Origin

    Sanovide understand's that Diet & Lifestyle of the people with Indian Origin are different.It is based on India 's holistic, integrated and physiotherapeutic approach based upon the Universal Natural Law of balancing the five elements. Program is well designed for Lifestyle Problems or Weight Loss.

  • Approach -Blend of Eastern & Western Science

    Sanovide provides superior health care solutions through a combination of best element from the great ancient texts of Ayurveda & modern research based Nutrition to provide treatments.Industry Best Nutritionist.Sanovide gives deep emphasis on organ-revitalizing and individual specific treatment programs. Sanovide has pioneered the decoding of modern physio- nutrition technique according to one’s ayurvedic constitution and five element balance.

  • Find an Expert Friend to guide you

    Most Online Diet Program offer standardized diet program. Sanovide understands you require expert support to make some lifestyle & dietary change. Find an expert Dietician & doctor Friend to:- In-depth nutrition counseling and expert guidance on nutrition for motivation and support they need to make behavioral diet changes.Contact any time, whenever there is need.This is not about “dieting,” but making gradual healthy changes to live by.


  • Track your Progress to meet your Target

    Track your Progress to meet your Target Sanovide works on Target & its achievement basis. After discussing with you we will make a target in terms of Weight, Body Measurements and Other problems in the duration of the Program. We have Tracking tools in order to check your progress & see its path to lead to Target. Sanovide have Health Calculators & Diseases Assessments, to check different parameters of your health.

Success Stories

Thanks a lot sanovide !!


Dear friends! It takes me immense pleasure in sharing my unique and memorable experience with Sanovide and how it changed my life and gave me immense confidence. I’m Mona Bhandari and I’m 28 years working executive in Chicago. I was suffering from severe Migr...”

Mona Bhandari

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