Nasya (nasya-karma) is a name to be applied usually for medicines administered during the nasal path. It is also identified as navana and nasyakarma. The formulations used for the rationale of nasyakarma are described as nasika kalpana. Well it is a Panchakarma treatment revealed in Ayurveda. In this rejuvenation therapy process drug (liquid ayurveda medicines as well as herbal oil) is straight through the nostrils. Well nose is the entrance way of the head; the treatment is tremendously efficient in curing so many types of diseases related to the head. This treatment is very valuable in cleaning all the canals of head through nose. Nasya-karma recovers path of prana as in oxygenation that straight persuade on execution of brain. It is helpful if it is done on daily basis because it develops ear, eye, throat as well as nose health.

Directions for the patients during the treatment: 
the following directions should be pragmatic by a patient while going through Nasya karma.
Head should not be excessive flexed or extended
Patient should lye Supine for a time interval consumable for counting members up to 100          Do not bathe immediately following a treatment or after eating a meal
Avoid speech
Avoid anger
Avoid laughing Avoid swallowing of Aushadhi
Eliminate Kapha by Gandusha Spitting

After routine: 
Dhumapana kala (herbal smoking or an distinctive ayurvedic treatment procedure)

Kawalagraha (Ayurveda detoxification)

Gandusha Dharana (oil pulling)
Diet – lukewarm water

Light food

Following should be avoided: 
cold water
dust, smoky and fume enviroment
oils and ghee
direct light sun and heat
bath by head

the following benefits are-
In eye disease
In ear disease
In nasal disease
Healthy hair
strength to scalp
Provides contentment
Improves tone of voice
Improves mind
Postponed aging
Remove oral stink
Give power to head, teeth, throat
Remove all skin problems and ENT problem