• Weight loss diet plan- Sano Slimix Kit

    Weight loss diet plan- Sano Slimix Kit

    Sano Slimix Kit – the weight loss diet plan from Sanovide Sanovide’s Sano-Slimix kit is weight loss diet plan developed by our team of Ayurveda  experts. The weight loss diet package  not only helps you in weight loss but also in leading a healthier life. It is completely customized program – the diet is suggested according to your body profile called prakriti (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha). Sano-Slimix kit will help you ... Read More »
  • Success Story – Navkiran

    Success Story – Navkiran

    Hi, I am Navkiran (20 yrs). I used Sano slimix kit and I easily lost 5kg in just 30 days. I am very thankful to Sanovide for providing such an amazing product to help people lose their weight naturally. After using this kit I feel lighter, stronger and more energetic. I received many comments from my friends saying I look more alive and I have the sparkle back in my ... Read More »

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