Sanovide welcomes you to the world of real ayurveda (living in tune with nature). Sanovide is a habitual healing as well as weight loss center where the antique wisdom meets the console of the modern therapy without negotiation on quality prearranged in the earliest contents. The center is consent for those who search for treatment components for different illnesses.

Well the significance of SANO is healthy and VIDE gist is life. So by combing these two words, Sanovide gives us healthy life goals with the natural way. Sanovide assists you to get a slim, hale and hearty as well as balanced body through systematically verified and efficient fusion diet  & therapy programs.

We provide legitimate ayurveda and panchakarma (detox) with the combination of natural food in a very specialized way. Here you get a righteous ambiance to calm down and get relaxed with nature. Sanovide brings you the finest in ayurveda treatments counting Panchakarma, Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Paralysis, Weight loss, Slimming Programs, Anti-Ageing, yoga and meditation healing etc.


Best Weight Loss Center in Gurgaon

I cannot say plenty about how tremendous the plans, as well as the therapist, are at sanovide. I did enormous with the plan and lost 20kg. The best element is the fresh foods and the best people. Strong recommends!

Neha Gupta (TV Actress)

Best Ayurveda Center in Delhi-NCR

I was a stress victim. Now my mind is peacemaker, I give up smoking when I came here and did not feel my extractions. The food is marvelous; also the people are very kind and friendly. I must say the food therapy is best therapy to treat your all kind of illness Thank you very much for everything.

Mark john (U.K Tourist)

Best PCOD Treatment Center in Gurgaon

Reading this I hope will encourage you, without inquiry, to come to this wonderful place of rest and reconstruction. Simply belief, be willing to let go and allow the therapist that work here, to help you on your inimitable path to perfect fitness, in body, wits and strength. This is my first experience that food can treat your all illness such as weight losses while you having pcod. For pcos people weight lose is next to impossible but I was wrong. Deepika mam’s food plan I lost almost 30 kg, as well as my skin, looks so young. Thank you so much guys.

Charu Sharma (student)